SKYPE POLISH IN ENGLISH - lessons of Polish for foreigners.

60 - 90 zł/h
Hi. My name is Maciek. I live in Szczecin. I am a native speaker of the Polish langauge, and a licenced teacher of the English language in Poland. For the last few years, I taught English to variety of people. I love this job, because it gives me lots of satisfaction due to the fact that I can see how people develop their skills, build up their self-confidence and I can be just a small part of it. But, I always look for new challenges to be implemented! This time, I`m trying to find something new for myself. 5 years ago I found the best so far method to teach English to Polish students. It is called Red Point. It gave me a clever idea to use it the other way around and teach Polish this way to the English speakers or others who need that. BUT! I TEACH POLISH IN ENGLISH. You must speak briliant English to work with me. What I`m offering here is private tuition of the Polish language for the English speaking people. But not only! If you want to learn Polish with me when not being a native speaker of English it is not a problem for me. But! A great command of English is A MUST for you! It is necessary for us to communicate in this language since all the instructions are given in English. Have you ever seen or spoken to Polish ladies? I love Polish women and probably you too. Why? Because they are so pretty and everybody who knows them is already in love:-). But Poland is not only women. Since 2004 when the borders were opened the Poles have been migrating everywhere. Especially to England. Wouldn`t it be cool for you to surprise someone you know from this country that you can communicate in their own language? This way everything changes! For you of course and for better. You are more welcome here and the locals treat you better, because you show them that you respect their culture. I want to help you to break the barrier step by step. After each lesson you will know more. That means that you will be able to do more and more things using the language. After some time with a bit of luck you won`t need anybody`s help to arrange whatever you need. You don`t even need to move anywhere. We meet on skype and only there! Sounds good, right? No traffic, no wasting time to commute. And the weather cannot be an excuse! I charge 65 zloties per full hour - net (around 15 euros) or 85 zloties per 90 minutes of working with me. It is paid into my paypal account before each lesson or in advance for a few lessons (everything must be agreed before we start working. All extra paypal`s costs are on you (additional international money transfer or payment in a different currency as I said I charge 65 zloties net. If you pay in advance for a few lessons and decide to give up no worries I will pay you back, but it will be reduced by the amount of money I will have to pay for the international paypal transfer). I give you the offer and it is up to you to accept and take it or not. If you need to deal with something in Polish you can me and I will see if I can help you. All questions are evaluated individually depending on what you need. I can translate whatever you need into Polish. You can /call me on my mobile (oo48) 534 684 224 (but I don`t text back due to international high charges) but via Whatsapp is easier due to no extra costs when calling from abroad or different than a Polish number. My email is [email protected] If you live in Poland it is easier. See you on skype. Before we start I will test your Polish so that I know how to work with you individually.
Maciek S.
Maciek S.
+48 534684224
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